POINTS: 10,000

There’s a Nice Guy in everyone’s regular game. That guy who’s always sincerely congratulating good shots and poking fair fun at the not-so-good ones. Always has a good story in his bag. An all around good guy to be around on a golf course.

Replace him, for one round, with stories from a career inside the ropes on the PGA Tour -- someone who puts the good demeanor of your Nice Guy to shame: Paul Stankowski. 

Paul “Stanko” Stankowski played in over 400 and won 2 events on the PGA Tour. He’s the only golfer to win back-to-back events, first on the Nationwide Tour and then the next week on the PGA Tour. He’s an entrepreneur, a broadcaster, a leader in his faith, and an all-around Nice Guy. He’s the perfect addition to your regular game for one round at your home club!

Included with this Reward:

  • 1 round of golf (foursome) with Paul Stankowski at your home club